Year 2012


Length - 720 cm
Width - 600 cm
Height - 8 cm

Scope statement

Project study! Development of a product to revalue casted iron (heritage of Luxembourg and of Lorraine) becoming more and more lost nowadays.


My idea was to create a gas hob made out of casted iron by putting in relation a high-end technology with a high-end craftsmanship. The goal was to reintroduce casted iron (best material for slow cooking) into our domestic spaces in an ecological manner. The hob works with gas (new burner technology) to improve it's longevity to make a statement about planned obsolescence which submerge our markets. My grandmother used to say: "I'm to poor to buy cheap".

Technically I've reduced the number of heating points thanks to the great conductivity of casted iron. I've thereby reorganized the heating areas and resting areas to combine different cooking styles. This hob would allow home cooks (food lovers) to reproduce cooking techniques of great restaurants (occidental, asian, oriental and much more).