Empty wall

Year 2010


Lenght - 100 cm
Depth - 36 cm
Height - 200 cm

Scope statement

Create an circus object for the ESAC school in Brussels.


It's a frame and trapeze, tailor made to be more ergonomic. The fabrication, the materials and the details are simple and therefor cheap. The transportation is easy, because the wooden frame is screwed together and uses only very little space. This circus object is a base which can easily evolve and it's flexibility allows it to be free of strutting. The goal was to create a simple object which is open to creativity.

The object is a partner not only a tool and it doesn't exist without an action, it is banal almost invisible. Empty Wall lives up as soon as someone move around, enters it, moves it, pulls on it, pushes it, makes it fall or fly, frightens or protects. This is all the magic of contemporary circus, which shows us a different universe trough a lyric world.